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I am not sure how to express my feelings on this video. The one thing that really freaked me out, however, is the combination of his make-up with his hairy armpits.


I think that's the idea. I could be reading too much into this, but I would guess that the ad is meant to be a satirical poke at the differences in what's considered "sexy" for men and women.

I currently have a large bottle of Preferred Stock that I use for special occasions, and some Adidas Moves, for when I just feel like smellin' purdy. That's pretty much the extent of my colognes.

My brother is young enough to have gone through an Axe phase, where he would practically bathe in that wretched stuff. Thankfully h'e grown out of it and prefers much more subtle scents now.


Alan Cumming is hilarious. His perfume has been out for a few years now. As a rule I think celebrity scents are silly, but his last name gives him a great excuse.


Y'know, I think Deadlytoque nailed it. Normally, I pick up on satire, but I missed it entirely with this one.

Taken in that light, the ad is pretty funny -- but still makes me feel all weird, like when Bugs Bunny wears a dress.

Tube City

Feh! I was born a Hi-Karate man, and I'll die an Hi-Karate man.

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